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Why is my account suspended?

In our bid to maintain a high standard of data, protect our platform and members from abuse, users are allowed only one Milieu account each and we do our best to ensure that each user account represents a unique individual.

There are a few conditions that trigger our system to initiate an account suspension, such as (but not limited to):

  1. Impersonating a person other than yourself, registering with a Milieu account with an identity other than your own
  2. Creating multiple Milieu Surveys accounts
  3. Attention Check failure
  4. Poor quality responses in surveys
  5. Any violation of Milieu Surveys Terms of Use

You may also receive an email notification from Milieu Surveys when the suspension has been triggered. If you feel you have been locked out of your account by mistake, please Contact Us.

What are Attention Check Questions in the surveys?

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