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How do I check my Ledger and see my activity history?

To access a record of the points you have earned, tap the Profile icon on the navigation bar and click on Ledger.

Here, you will be able to see the breakdown of the date, name of the survey, hot topic, or quiz, along with the boosts given for that activity. Yay!

You'll also see the history of your reward claims (and if points have been refunded back).

Types of boosts

  • Bronze/Silver/Gold/Platinum Level Boost: This is based on your badge level - the higher your badge level, the bigger the boost!
  • Streak Boost: x2 of your Badge Level! Activate and retain this when you continuously complete at least 2 of any survey, Hot Topic or Quiz every 7 days.
  • Campaigns, Events, Special Occasions: We also have occasional surprise boosts for special event-specific activities. Just find the hidden badge on the activity to enjoy bonus points! :)

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